Kat Ambrose

Hi there! I'm Kat. I write value-packed blog content for ecommerce and saas companies.


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Now, I love that I get to write for amazing companies who are doing incredible things with technology for their customers. When I’m not writing, I’m likely:

  • Exploring Maui — whether it be trying a new poke spot, snorkeling, or hanging out at my favorite beach.

  • Trying to pet the nearest dog.

  • Getting lost in a true crime novel.

  • Showing up far too early for my flight.

I knew from the start that I would be writing for a living, I just wasn’t sure what that would look like. In college, I majored in Strategic Communication and minored in Professional Writing at Ohio State University. I toyed with the idea of diving into the world of PR as a post-collegiate career path, but my internships and classes guided me in a different direction. After college, I packed my bags and headed west to Colorado. Over the next few years, I learned a ton about social media, digital marketing, and was able to sharpen my writing skills. But something was missing.