give me all your comma splices, dangling modifers, and run-on sentences.

I will make them disappear.



You’ve been looking at the same document for the past few days, maybe even the last few weeks, but something is holding you back from marking it "complete.” Or maybe you have several amazing writers but not enough editors to help keep your blog schedule on track.

Bottom line: you need an editor that will get the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.


Here’s how I can help:


I’ve got an eye for editing.

I offer fast, affordable proofreading and editing services. Whether you need a fresh set of eyes to read things over once more or if you’re looking for editorial assistance, I can help you keep your publishing calendar on track.

editing and i go way back.

Everyone has that person they send documents to read over — whether it’s a cover letter for a job application or an essay for grad school. You know the song and dance. I’ve been that person for my friends and family since I was in high school and now I’m that person for several successful companies.



Ready to get the ball rolling?